A/V Project

Here it is: The finished product.

The topic I ended up doing was the Exponent, hoping to inform more people about what it is we do there and what the paper looks like, so that more students will both 1) know we exist, and 2) read us once in awhile. The entire video took me a little over seven hours to plan, write and edit. I did the majority of the editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, and a little bit in MS Paint (because motion graphics and I are Not Friends).

Originally, I was going to do a more serious subject, but I couldn’t give the subject matter the time and energy it deserved, which ended up being pretty alright, because I think I had way more fun with this than I might have doing the other topic. I also wanted to do a lot more with motion graphics, but because I am not artistic enough to make them myself, and none of the templates that come free with Premiere are great, the only motion graphics in the video are the credits at the end.

I started thinking that I might use recorded clips from my computer, but found that it was both annoying to get the different parts of my screen to cooperate, and that Windows game capture wasn’t as robust as I wanted it to be. I could have used OBS, but decided it was quicker to take an edition PDF and turn each page into a jpeg. This worked out well, because I was able to edit the individual images along with my planned dialogue in a much better way than I might have been able to had I not gone this route.

After this, I spent a good time paging through royalty free music websites, and found that a lot of them had music that was just… not great. I found one that worked, I think, pretty well in the end, but had I given myself more time, I might have considered breaking out the good old Fruity Loops and making my own track. The track I chose wasn’t quite long enough, so I spent a long time in Audacity trying to loop the track in the least obvious way possible, which was… medium successful. If you’re not paying attention to the music, it works. If you listen close, there’s a few hiccups here and there.

I planned the shots/dialogue before editing, but wrote out the full statements right before I recorded each one. I recorded these in Audacity as well, and because I used images instead of video, was able to stretch the video to match the audio way easier than I would normally been able to.

After layering all this together, I had to look up how to export, and twice exported a 12 second video, much to the distress of both myself and my roommate who I was forcing to watch my video. Then, I realized that I had just the first part of the video selected. Whoops. The entire thing took about five minutes to export through Media Encoder.

The video came in at two minutes and 59 seconds, and I’m incredibly thankful I chose Premiere instead of another video program, because the audio balanced a lot nicer than it might have otherwise. Premiere has some presets for audio, and I was able to mark the voiceover as such and have it scrubbed and boosted with a few clicks. I did the same to the background music, but that I set as background music, which automatically evened out the louder parts and boost the quieter, as well as making it so that it never was louder than the other audio parts.

In total, by the time I was done, I had 36 sequences in Premiere (23 video, 13 audio) and a 618 word script (which was smaller than I expected would fill three minutes). Next time, I’ll split asset making and editing into a few days each instead of one for both, and also give myself just more time in general, to figure out things like motion graphics and transitions. I wish I had planned it out just a little better, so that I could have slowed down the voiceover and leave space between the scenes so that it doesn’t run all together.

Altogether though? I’m kinda proud of this, honestly. I don’t foresee myself messing around with Premiere anytime soon, but video editing is a little less scary now.


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