CPE ePoster and Reflection


Final DraftLink to PDF version: Final

I very quickly learned with this project that visual creation and I Do Not Get Along, in that this was incredibly hard for me to arrange. Using the actual programs? No sweat. Getting my brain to think in anything other than words? Nearly killed me.

I’m being dramatic, but this was honestly the hardest writing I’ve done in a while. I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things I really like about infographics in my own poster because I struggled translating vague imagery in my head to an actual draft. I didn’t have trouble finding the data I wanted to work with, nor did I have trouble choosing fonts or colors, but everything past that was the word-loving part of my brain fist-fighting with the smaller artistic part that desperately wanted to help. As I haven’t taken an art class since introduction to art in my freshman year of high school, using this part of my brain was akin to overstretching a muscle one doesn’t normally use.

However. While I’m not completely happy with the final product, and the longer I stare at it the more I pick out what I could have represented in a more interesting way, or rearranged to be more dynamic, I’m not unhappy either. There’s quite a few things I could have photoshopped much cleaner than they are (primarily the map and graph, cleaning up the edges and removing pixelation), or re-written (“population of all these countries” without listing the countries? Not a great move on my part). However, I’m also rather proud of some of the other parts, mostly the top/bottom borders, the whitespace/content balance and, weirdly, the outline on the title with the darker letter that it made it pop just enough without dragging my color palette to bursting.

I think next time I’ll spend more time drafting with thumbnails and compiling assets, instead of doing both those things on the fly, as well as picking a better color palette. I liked the yellow, and used https://coolors.co/ to pick the rest of the palette, but the more I look at just the colors, the more bored I am with them, and the more I realize I could have at least played with hue a little more than I did. It’s a very bland palette.

Mostly, the things I know now that I didn’t before have to do with understanding that visual-based projects are going to be harder for me to work with than alphabetic text with the occasional visual. I didn’t take the path of using a bunch of different, fun graphs like a lot of infographics, and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t lean into that just a little more and instead stuck with typical pie/bar/line charts. I know a lot more about photoshopping things now, and learned some more about InDesign that would have been nice to know the entire time (primarily, I’d been moving things individually around when I wanted to rearrange boxes, instead of using the grouping function I didn’t know existed).

Some sources/process notes:

Everything I made with these websites I brought into Photoshop 2019 to make transparent, change the colors to fit my palette, and cleaned up as much as I knew how. The project was laid out and labeled using InDesign 2018, and the images in top twenty were taken from the podcasts themselves. Total asset count comes out to: 50 items exactly. 

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